Abstract / FormaFantasma

Cambio : Desin in flux

The lecture will focus on Formafantasma’s approach to research,
taking their exhibition Cambio as point of Departure. 

Cambio, from the medieval Latin cambium, ‘change, exchange’, is an investigation conducted by Formafantasma and commissioned by Serpentine Galleries in London into the governance of the timber industry. 

Cambio also references the cambial layer, a membrane that runs around the trunk of trees, producing wood on the inside, a record of the tree’s past, and bark on the outside, enabling it to keep growing.This multidisciplinary exhibition highlights the crucial role that design can play in our environment, and its responsibility to look beyond the edges of its borders. The future of design can and must attempt to translate emerging environmental awareness into a renewed understanding of the philosophy and politics of trees that will encourage informed, collaborative responses. 

The duo during the lecture will reflect on the possibilities and problematics of the design discipline when addressing ecology.