Presentation / Philosophy Talk

DESIS Philosophy Talk #7.4 The Politics of Nature.

A Conversation with Emanuele Coccia 

@ 39th Albi-Nîmes Médiations Sémiotiques Conference, Design, Semiotics and Philosophy. How to address the Anthropocene (Nîmes, FR) and on Zoom 

7th July, 2021, 9:45 – 12:00 

In this experimental format of conversation, Emanuele Coccia (The Life of Plants : A Metaphysics of Mixture), Ezio Manzini and Virginia Tassinari enter a conversation and explore how both design for social innovation and philosophy are currently reflecting on ways to reframe their own discourses, engaging with an itinerary down to earth. 

Participants : Emanuele Coccia, Ezio Manzini and Virginia Tassinari